We interact with systems and processes on a daily basis. Over time, the mediums and systems for exchanging information between professor and student have changed. Verbal direction, printed copies, textbooks, student-teacher meetings, and email, have been layered on top of each other. Course Management Systems (CMSs) promise to streamline these processes into one unified hub, but instead are usually implemented as just another method used along with previously existing mediums.

The cognitive load of interacting with an inconsistent system may be heavy enough to deter student progress. Poorly organized systems—combined with the actual content of the class—contribute to cognitive overload. 

For my combined BFA capstone project and Honors thesis, I designed an interactive exhibit about cognitive overload. The reality of how students receive information is exaggerated in this project, and exposes the struggles of the current educational ecosystem.

Check out my thesis from the library here︎

Made with blood, sweat, and tears, July 2017